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Income Tax Preparation Akron Ohio

Need help in tax preparation? Basic fee for most income tax preparation returns is just $120. Don’t worry about preparing your 1040, 1065 or 1120 taxes. Let us handle your Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation. Count on us to provide you with your maximum refund on your individual personal or small business income tax return.

income tax preparation
income tax preparation

What makes us your best choice?

First, we have years of professional tax preparation experience, and we know taxes inside and out. Second, we have been around the block and have seen almost every kind of tax issue you can think of. Third, we will provide you with the best refund that is legally possible. Finally, our fees are very reasonable, if you don’t have a business or rental properties our fee is just $120 to file your taxes.

Income Tax Preparation:

We are a Tax Preparation Service in Akron, Ohio, guaranteed to provide accurate, reliable, and secure service. Our clients trust us to deliver professional results at reasonable fees. Our flat rate, no-frills pricing means you will always know what you are paying upfront — No Surprises — No Additional Fees apply.


Tax Preparation
Tax Preparation

Save Money with our Tax Preparation Services

Income Tax Returns Completed for just $120

(State, City, and E Filing completely free)

 Excludes Business & Rental Returns

Tax Experience Counts

Put your mind at ease when it comes to your Tax Preparer Service. For instance, we have been completing income tax returns since 1982. Therefore, we have seen just about everything there is. Unlike some of our big-name competitors, who hire and train new people every year, our income tax preparers have the experience you need to get the maximum refund guarantee by our experienced pros using our professional tax preparation software.

For example, some of our competitors are limited as to the type of tax situations they are willing to complete. No such limitations apply to us as we will file all federal tax returns, individual 1040’s, 1065 partnerships, 1120 S or C corporations, and even nonprofit 990’s. Even if they file free for you, you are better off getting our services. You get to know their actual prices after working with them. Unlike them, our pricing is transparent.

Trust the experts at Akron Income Tax Co. Most importantly, experience counts when it comes to completing your Tax Preparation Services in Akron, Ohio. Hire the Best income tax preparers near you—full-service Preparation for individual 1040s, business 1120s & 1065 Federal Income Returns. Likewise, our in-depth tax knowledge and local presence allow us to customize our services to best meet your needs and budget along with offering you a bigger refund.

Income Tax Preparers

The accountants at our company are your trusted source for tax preparation, business Accounting, Business Taxes, Bookkeeping, and more. Most importantly, we are committed to providing you with efficient, personal service and innovative solutions to the challenges facing your Akron, OH business.

Furthermore, we keep up with the tax law changes by checking daily on IRS for federal or state changes or other technical corrections. We understand that you need accurate, timely information to make critical business decisions, and we are here to deliver!

Our Goals

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Above all, when it comes to Taxes, delivering services that are relevant today while keeping pace with your business’s changing needs in the future. Whether you are in Akron, Mogadore, Green, Uniontown, Barberton or any other local area we are the nearest tax office to assist with your tax preparation.

For instance, our tax professionals offer face-to-face preparation appointments (yes, your time is valuable, and we respect it!) with privacy, or you can drop off your Taxes at any time. We also have online tax options, so you can file your federal income taxes without leaving home. Our income tax service will exceed your expectations.

Maximum Refund

Furthermore, our experience allows us to apply our knowledge to get you the biggest refund LEGALLY. Our income tax preparers know the laws that get you a larger refund. Since our inception, we have offered a full range of Accounting, Business Consulting, and completion of Taxes, for example, small to medium-sized businesses throughout the Greater Akron, OH area. Our philosophy is to provide accurate, reliable, and secure accounting and tax preparation services to our clients at a reasonable cost.

Above all, we encourage you to call us with any questions that you may have or visit our income tax office.

What do you get with our Tax Preparation Services?

  • Tax professionals to Prepare your Taxes.
  • Review of previous Returns.
  • Electronically (E File) File Your Income Tax Returns
  • Free State and City Return completed (w/Federal return).
  • Recommendations on how to reduce your liabilities.
  • Performance Guarantee applies.

Please put your mind at ease when it comes to your tax return preparation and trust our experienced experts. Whether it’s a simple Return or you want to develop a proactive strategy to help you minimize your liability. Of course, our professional accountants can provide you with the return preparation you are looking for. When you are looking for the “best tax preparer, “think Akron Income Tax Co. We are the trusted choice of individuals and businesses for tax preparation services throughout the Greater Akron, OH area and near you. We will be happy to put our tax preparation expertise to work for you to file your tax return!

1040 tax returns:

Taxpayers use the IRS 1040 form to file an annual tax return. Everyone needs to file your taxes if their income is above a defined limit. The filer needs to mention taxable income for the year like their wages, salary, capital gains, social security benefits, pensions, taxable interest, etc.

Federal Tax

The process to file your income tax returns can be straightforward if the information in the form is added correctly. As tax professionals, we have mentioned here some essential information that is needed to fill out the form:

  • W-2 Statements
  • Interest
  • Dividends
  • Pension
  • Social Security
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC)
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Rebate Credits
  • Rental Property
  • Education Credits
  • Student Loan Interest

The 1040 form has sections that determine your taxable income and your tax refund. Adjusted gross income, and whether you are eligible for an Income Credit refund or need to pay additional taxes. Not everyone will be required to fill in the same information, and in certain situations, other 1040 forms will be required. After filling in the data, the taxpayer can email or e file the form.

Although the process is simple, it could become tedious if there are additional requirements. In this case, ensuring that you fill out your tax return form with the most accurate information. Furthermore, you will require the help of a knowledgeable and experienced tax preparer. When you need tax help or have complex tax issues call us or contact the IRS directly.

Akron tax service will give you the most accurate tax advice about your current 1040 tax return.

Rental Property Tax Returns:

Rental income also comes under federal taxes, but it can complicate the tax prep near to you as it is quite different from a simple tax return. It also includes other types of rental incomes such as:

  • Advanced Rent.
  • Expenses Paid by Tenants.
  • Services In Place of Rent.
  • Security Deposits.

They are to be included in the tax return regardless of when you earn them.

IRS will determine your refund or tax according to the two incomes: expenses from the rent and the second one from the future sale of your investment property. However, owning an investment property is a benefit, where you may get a tax refund due to your rental property depreciation. There are other deductibles expenses to consider as well, like insurance costs, property maintenance, property taxes, and HOA fees, all are an essential part of the federal tax process.

Understanding and calculating the depreciation and taxable investment income process could be pretty challenging. You would need an expert tax service who would understand how depreciation happens and how much bigger a refund you can get from your investment property.

Small Business Income Tax Returns:

Small business taxes are our area of expertise. It is comprehensible that operating a small business venture can be challenging, and with the added stress of tax return, it can become overwhelming for you. But worry not you can transfer all your IRS issues to our tax preparers. We are here to take care of your burden and will assist you with each step of the tax preparation process, so you can make correct deductions and save money in the process.

We understand that your time is precious and taking care of tax preparation for a small business on your own can be pretty overwhelming. But our team of tax professionals is here to take care of you, be assured that you are not alone. Tax accounting is an important function for businesses.

Before filing your return, there are three essential steps to follow for tax preparation services:

Collect your Small Business records for tax preparation:

Gather your paper and electronic record of business expenses and income. They will be needed to fill out the form.

Ascertain that you have the correct IRS form:

Undoubtedly, income needs to be reported to the IRS to pay the tax but choosing the proper form for preparation depends on your business.

Fill out your Schedule C form:

If you want to e file your tax return, search the IRS website for a copy of the Schedule C form and fill out all the necessary details or use our Business Info Form.  It would help to to have proper income tax recordkeeping so you can subtract your expenses from the income to get net profit or loss and attach the result with your 1040 IRS form. Moreover, if you receive a 1099-K, you will have to file a business return. Our income tax service can assist you!

Typically, the expenses that you need to enter in the form preparation consist of:

  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).
  • Driving Mileage Expenses.
  • Business Travel, Gift, and Meals Cost.
  • Assets.
  • Indirect Costs like marketing.
  • Depreciation.
  • Home Office Space Deduction.
  • DoorDash Taxes

Follow the deadline:

There are no different deadlines. When you fill out a Schedule C, it will be included with your 1040 IRS form and follow the same April deadline.

If you still feel confused about the process, we assure to help you out in the filing process by guiding you on which expenses and profit are relevant to fill out the form. Through our acquired knowledge and experience, you will be able to prepare to file your tax return.

1065 Partnership Tax Returns:

Do you need help navigating the preparation of reporting income and expenses for a partnership filing? Understanding the basics of this process and working with professional helps alleviate some of the confusion and complications. Here are a few basics to keep in mind.

Partnership tax return have a different due date. Rather than the typical April deadline, partnership filings require completion by March 15. This date is reserved for those filing tax return for partnerships and multi-member LLCs. Like a 1040 return, the 1065 form reports income, losses, gains, deductions, and credits.

This lengthy return includes over 30 informational boxes with multiple entries for each. Essentially, the 1065 tax preparation process provides a snapshot of a company’s annual financial status. In addition to a Schedule K-1, filers must offer information from various other forms, including:

  • Forms 4562, 1125-A, 4797, 1099s, 8918, 114, 3520 and 7203

1120 Corporate Tax Returns:

Rather than a 1040 form, which individuals only use to file a tax return, a corporate tax requires an 1120 C 0r 1120 S Corporate form. The form requires preparation filing with both the state and federal tax agencies and needs to be filled with information associated with the business or partners.

Precisely like a 1040 tax return form, business returns include appropriate income, gains, losses, deductions, credits. Moreover, the 1120 form is used to determine their income tax liability.

Ensuring adequate tax preparation for corporations is crucial because March 15 is the deadline for a corporate tax return. Failure to file the business returns on time results in a strict state penalty and interest; that’s why it is essential for the corporations to self-audit.

Double Checking

Not only will it uncover any potential mistakes, but it will also keep the IRS and other auditors far from your business. Trust our income tax service to deliver the results you need.

You would need a profit and loss report and balance sheet to file your federal tax return. It is also crucial to determine whether a company is an S corporation or a C corporation, as they need to file an S or C corporation forms respectively. But, knowing this is essential as each corporation files and pays in different ways.

Furthermore, there is a limit on the number of shareholders of S corporations where they cannot have more than 100, whereas C corporations can have an unlimited number of them.

The 2017 tax reform act has fixed the corporate tax rate to 21%, which is lower than the maximum personal tax rate while eliminating the alternative minimum tax as well.

The whole C corporation pays the tax return via 1120 C form, whereas S corporation pays no income taxes at the corporate level.

So, they have a tax advantage. In addition, the profit and loss of the S corporation are transferred to the owners, and they have to pay the tax return via the 1120 S form individually. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 have also given S Corp shareholders an edge as only 20% of the net business income is deducted. Hire the best tax accountants to get the best results.

Crypto Tax Returns:

crypto currency taxes
crypto currency taxes

Cryptocurrency earnings also come under the banner of federal tax returns and need to be paid. Therefore, you can file your crypto earnings through the 1040 Form, as the IRS has now dedicated a section for cryptocurrency entries.

However, it could be the most confusing and complicated process because of the unfamiliarity of cryptocurrency taxes.

You would need to fill up the given below information in the 1040 form:

  • Received Cryptocurrency
  • Sold Cryptocurrency
  • Exchanged Cryptocurrency
  • Other Cryptocurrency Transactions

The 1040 form requires precise information about cryptocurrency; that’s why there are multiple questions regarding it.

However, some virtual currencies are included, and some are not on IRS Form 1040. Confusing, isn’t it? Figuring out your crypto tax basis is a major issue. Simply put, cryptocurrency is determined as an asset and thus incurs as taxable income.

If you feel that you can fill in the general information and skip the rest of it, you need to reconsider. Federal tax rules are stringent regarding cryptocurrency tax returns. Failure to write correct information could incur heavy penalties, and in a worst-case scenario, you could be persecuted according to the tax law.

If you wish to avoid the risk, you can learn more about this new tax preparation inclusion with the help of an expert tax preparer.

Amended Tax Returns:

In case of a mistake on your federal tax return, you can file an amended return, meaning the changes would be made on the prior-year tax return. IRS form 1040X is used to file a return, and taxpayers can only amend mistakes on the tax return for three years. In the meantime, IRS carries out audits of six years of tax returns.

If the taxpayer had deliberately submitted amended returns, the IRS could open up individuals past all files for auditing. However, if there are genuine reasons to file amended returns, then a person won’t get into trouble.

Some of the reasons that could be essential to file the returns are:

  • Correction of filing status,
  • Incorrect income or the number of dependents mentioned,
  • To claim tax deductions and income credits.

Don’t forget to amend the return on state taxes as well. If you wish to amend a federal tax return because of an error, then it’s necessary to file for an amended return for the state as well. As with the federal return, if you realize that there’s a problem with it, you can correct it by filing an amendment as quickly as possible to minimize interest and state penalties. Let our professional tax preparers assist you!

Refund advance loans:

These are instant refund loans that a taxpayer gets from a company on their tax refund amount. It’s a bank product, also called Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL). The minimum amount that you can take generally lies between $500-$4000 and can be approved within 24 hours after receiving the acknowledgment about your tax refund from IRS. We really hate these loans. The cost is way too much for the amount of time it would take to get your money. So, we don’t offer these high price loans.

There is no credit check on this advance loan, there are additional fees, no upfront charges, and you also need to e file your tax return on it. However, the tax preparation fee will be charged.

After your loan gets approved, you need to send your lender the details of your direct deposit account, where they will deposit the amount three days later. This is not a good option because these high priced 17-day loans cost hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money.  For this reason, we don’t offer them. The reason you don’t notice how much it cost you is that they take the money out of YOUR refund before you see it. But it is YOUR money… the less it cost you to get your returns completed, the more money YOU get!

Tax Questions
Tax Questions

FAQs about tax preparation

If I am currently unemployed, do I need to pay tax on unemployment compensation?

According to American Rescue Plan Act, if you have unemployment compensation up to $10,200 then you don’t have to pay tax, but it applies only for the 2020 tax year. The taxing authority can change the tax code and different limitations apply for individuals with different tax situations.

How can I get my tax refund?

Your tax refund will be deposited faster if you e file it accurately. The IRS will direct deposit in your bank, member FDIC, within in around 21-28 days. However, if you mail your return, you’ll probably have to wait a much longer time to receive your refund. To avoid delays in refund transfer and get your max refund, consult with our tax professional team today. You can track your refund by going directly to the IRS and State of Ohio websites.

What are the requirements to e file a tax return?

You really should e file, there are lots of reasons to do so. We will take care of your filing process electronically. However, you need to provide us with last year’s AGI information. If you don’t know what it is, then you can use the IRS Get Transcript to get your previous year’s AGI.

What are your tax preparation fees?

We only charge $120 as tax prep fees. Moreover, you get unlimited access to tax advice from a tax preparers on any of the tax topics without any additional service fees. Our pricing is transparent. There are no hidden e file fees or additional fees for the tax help we provide.

Am I eligible to pay self-employment income tax?

Different limitations apply on individuals with different financial records. If your net income is above $400, you need to file a tax return, but if your income is below $400, you may still need to fill out the form just according to the filing requirement.

How can I file a return for previous tax years?

Filing for previous year can be done. We can e-file for 2 previous years. Older returns more than 2 years old must be paper filed. Furthermore, IRS does not allow taxpayers to e file prior year returns via self-preparation websites.

Do you also offer legal advice?

We do not provide legal advice. We don’t represent taxpayers in front of state agencies or the IRS. However, our professional credentials allow us to offer you audit support as a tax preparer.

What kind of deductions am I eligible for?

Everyone is eligible for some kind of deductions or tax credits. However, the amount of tax could be different for each individual because of their income. Although, business owners and self-employed persons might get a slight advantage on saving the cost during audit defense.

Which tax software do you use for tax preparation?

We use ATX but we can use any tax software as we have access to paid versions of these tax tools.

Usually, when is the due date of the Ohio Tax Return?

The deadline for tax return in Ohio is usually fixed on April 15, unless it arrives on the weekend or is otherwise devised to change by the IRS. We recommend you to file the returns earlier as you can amend returns if the tax situation changes.

We are here to help you file your taxes:

Above all, you need a tax pro who will work with you to understand your requirements and goals. We are that firm with tax pros. Moreover, we acknowledge your success is our success. Our exceptional Tax Preparer Professionals are available to assist you with your Tax Preparation, whatever your needs are.

Finally, our tax pros are happy to answer your FAQs questions., We will provide assistance and customize our Accounting and Income Tax Returns just for you!

Contact our tax preparers today at (330) 733-1040 to get started or visit our local office in Ohio. It is your option to meet face-to-face or drop off your taxes. Our Tax Professionals will help you  obtain with the tax filing process.

We look forward to working with you! Check us out on YouTube