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List of Our Services

List of Our Services: Income Taxes, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Consulting

List of Our Services at Akron Income Return Co. Filing Taxes at a reasonable fee. So, you can trust us to deliver professional results.

Income Tax Preparation $120 WHY PAY MORE? We complete your Federal, State, City income tax returns and E-File for you.

Walk in… Drop off… or make an appointment. We also have Remote File@Home tax options.        330-733-1040

Our Services

Accounting Services

Accounting is an integral part of a Business in all industries. Most importantly, Accounting helps you build your Business. We provide you with efficient and precise records that keep the Federal IRS happy. To keep the operating cost of your Business low, you need to outsource Accounting Service. We save you time, which can be spent on concentrating your effects on attracting new clients.

Bookkeeping Services

Accounting function starts with Bookkeeping. Handling your income and expenses and getting them into the right categories to generate information to use for your Taxes is a must. The supporting documentation produced is just as imp0rtant. By the way, guessing is not a viable legal option for the Federal IRS Taxes.

Consulting Services

There are two ways to acquire Business experience. You can learn by trial and error, and that can be costly. Or you can blindly search the internet or ask your friends for their advice.  We have the experience to provide you with options that we have already learned from our clients who had similar experiences. For projects that we can refer you to other outside sources, there are zero costs to you.  If we can provide you with your needs, we can quote you right up front. Helping your business stay ahead of the competition is our goal.

Tax Returns

Whether you are Preparing your individual personal income Taxes or if you have Rentals or you have a Small Business, completing the Taxes yourself can be a serious burden and put you at risk for missed deductions and tax credits. Therefore, we offer Tax Return Preparation Services in Akron, OH at reasonable cost. We offer personal Federal individual tax services (1040s), corporate Taxes (1120s), partnership Taxes (1065s) and LLC’s tax Preparation. Check out our Tax Blog for lots of information.

Remote File@Home Option

YES, we have non-contact remote tax return preparation with our File@Home option. Use our online secure portal with Verifyle. Just visit our website to start the process. Send us your tax docs securely over the web. We also offer curbside drop-off service, or we can come to your home for pickup. Call to schedule your appointment or drop off your taxes soon! 330-733-1040