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Income Tax Services Uniontown

Income Tax Services Uniontown, OH

income tax services Uniontown
income tax services Uniontown

We offer income tax services in Uniontown Ohio. If you are thinking of how you can deal with your taxes, it is normal to have this type of stressful thought. This is where we work to help you out of this situation and bring you into your comfort zone. Akron Income Tax Co. is a taxation and small business accounting firm where you will find all kinds of taxation and accounting-related services under one roof. From bookkeeping to online Tax Preparation, Akron Income Tax Co is here to aid you to take care of all financial and tax-related issues.

Get Started with These Simple Steps

There are 3 methods to getting your taxes complete. First, you can just stop by and drop them off. Second, you can make an appointment and we can complete your taxes while you are in our private offices. Third, you can use our remote [email protected] option and even sign your return electronically.

Here are the 5 simple steps to get started with our income tax services:

Schedule a consultation with our tax experts

First, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. During the consultation, our expert will discuss with you your current tax situation and what to do next.

Submit your tax documents to us

Bring your tax documents to us and we will discuss which service you will need.

Accept service agreement

Once we have discussed your situation and the service you need, we will make an agreement for you. You just have to read the agreement carefully and sign the agreement.

Pay our fees after we prepared your taxes

We will prepare your taxes after you have agreed to our agreement. Once we did, you can pay us by either Credit Card, Cash, or Check. On remote tax filing, we will send you our payment invoice online.

Let us take care of the rest

Our team will start working on your taxes. Everything will be done efficiently, and you will get exactly what you have expected from us.

Our income tax services Uniontown

We have years of experience in the taxation field, and we provide different types of income tax and financial services to our clients. If you are in need of taxation, or financial service assistance, we are here to help you. Here are the taxation and consultation services we offer in Uniontown:

Tax Planning


Tax planning not just limited to filing a tax return. Whenever you spend your money or are planning to spend your money, there will have certain tax implications. Our job is to help you to maximize the deductions as well as to make plans for your future. Whenever you need any tax planning consultation or to discuss any other issues related to taxes, we are happy to aid you.

Small Business Consulting


If you are self-employed or a small business owner, we offer a variety of financial, accounting and taxation services for your business needs. We provide payroll services, bookkeeping services, financial statements preparation services, and tax preparation services for start-up businesses and small business owners. We have dedicated accounting executives who take care of all your accounting and taxation hassles.

Tax Audit Representation

Tax Audit

If you need someone to represent you during the audit process, Akron Income Tax Co. will provide you with audit assistance. Our taxation expert will review your tax documents and represent you during the auditing process of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We will be with you throughout the entire process and will ensure that the auditing is performed efficiently and fairly.

Tax Return Preparation


Tax return preparation is all about calculating the tax liabilities. At (comp.), we provide our tax return preparation services to any business organization, small businesses, and individuals. Our experts review clients’ tax documents and tax situations to find out the best way to maximize deductions and minimize tax liability. If you have any tax refund issues, we will solve that as well. The IRS will allow individuals to amend tax returns from the previous 3 tax years to claim their entitled extra refunds. We provide our tax preparation services with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Retirement Planning

If you are retiring soon or retired, it is high time to make a retirement plan. Retirement is something that interferes with individual liberty. Tax planning and retirement planning design make things easy in your life. We provide retirement planning and social security planning services that will help you to achieve your retirement goals during uncertain times. Other than that, we can also help you with pension distribution and 401(k) and IRA rollovers. So, whatever retirement planning needs you have, contact us, and we will provide you.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning
Financial Planning

Our financial planning service is designed to provide financial services that include investment planning, budgeting, debt management, etc. Our financial planning advisor will help you to figure out your income, taxes, savings, etc. That will help you to make a perfect financial plan for your business, family, and major life events.

Other income tax services

Business Services

Our income tax services are not limited to the above-mentioned services. Rather, we also provide

  • Estate Planning service
  • Accounting and financial services for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Taxpayer ID (ITIN). Etc.


Why We are One of the Best in the Industry


There are numerous reasons why people choose us and what makes us different from others. Here are some of the reasons:

Accurate tax calculation

It is our liability to provide you with accurate tax calculations. Our team is highly experienced and has deep knowledge of tax legislation. If we find any kind of discrepancy in tax calculation, we will fix it without any charge.

Maximum refund guarantee

You will get every deduction and credit you deserve. We have highly qualified tax preparers who will ensure maximum deduction according to your documents and situation.

Professional tax pros

Each tax pro of ours is highly knowledgeable and professional. They have a huge knowledge of tax regulations and the latest regulation updates. You will get an accurate tax calculation from us guaranteed.

Personalized Service

Everyone’s needs aren’t the same and people need different services for their different situations. When you come to us, we together will decide which service is appropriate for you. You always personalized tax services.

Competitive Pricing

Before you have agreed to our agreement, you will know how much you have to spend. We offer competitive prices for all of our tax-related services.