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Best Tax Preparer Near Me

best tax preparer near me

Best Tax Preparation Services in Akron, Ohio

Are you looking for the best tax preparer near me? Many households with an active income must file Federal Tax Returns. Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a larger company, you may need help preparing your taxes and filing your returns. We can handle all kinds of tax situations for you.

It is not easy for small business owners to stay up-to-date on their taxes. If you are worried about whether or not your business tax returns are being filed correctly and in a timely manner, it might be time to call in the best tax preparation company in Ohio.

You need a plan to get your Taxes completed by the 15th of every April. Some people can do their own Taxes and can choose several filing options. The easiest method to do your taxes is to have someone else take care of paperwork and math.

The tax filing services may be more expensive than the “do yourself” options. But if you miss one important deduction or one tax credit or have complex taxes, going to a tax preparer could be a better option for you. You will find that we have experienced tax professionals ready to provide you with exceptional tax services.

How can you find the best tax preparer?

Maybe you have worked with a tax preparer, but you did not ask them about their credentials. Some of the large national chains have signs out every fall looking for people to take their 8-week class and then they hire those people.  We have more than 30 years of tax experience and have completed thousands of tax Returns.

Ask for the preparer tax identification number:

The IRS requires those who prepare tax returns for compensation to have a preparer tax identification number (PTIN). The volunteer tax preparers do not need PTINs.

Please ensure that your tax preparer enters their PTIN number on your Returns because it is the IRS requirement. Those tax preparers who don’t want to sign your return or use their PTIN number… RUN.

Make sure your preparer is experienced:

A PTIN is easy to get, a step further, and get credentialed preparers. The accelerated Business advisor, accountant, accelerated tax preparers are examples of the programs. These programs help the preparers in annual filing season requirements.

Compare the tax preparer fees:

How much does a tax preparer charge? According to the national body of accountants, the average fee for non-itemized form 1040 is $230. For the itemized form 1040, prices jumped to $323.

Often, the tax advisors either charge minimum fees or costs based on the complexity of your return. At most of the big national chains they like to quote you for a basic form to get you in the door. Then they charge you for EVERY form they use. The nickel and dime routine gets really old by the time they are done. We charge $120 to prepare a tax return. Our only exception is for taxpayers who have rentals, businesses or more than 5 stock sales. Otherwise, our fee is $120. Free State, City and E-file. Why Pay More?

Confirm that they will sign on the dotted line:

The US law requires paid tax preparers to sign their client’s tax Returns and provide their PTIN. We recommend that you do not sign any blank Returns. If you do the preparer can put anything on your tax Returns, including their bank account number. If they write their bank account number on your tax return, they can steal your refund amount.

Ensure that your professional has your best interest:

At Akron Income Tax Co., you are more than just a number, you are a valued client who we want to see year after year. We are seeing the 2nd generation come to us and that doesn’t happen unless we deliver great service. We are open year-round by appointment after filing season is over.

How much does it cost to get a tax return done in Ohio?


The cost of having your tax return done by a professional can vary depending on the complexity of your return. However, most small businesses will pay between $300 and $500 to have their taxes prepared. This price typically includes all federal and state taxes, as well as any local taxes that may apply.At Akron Income Tax Co., our fees are much lower, call us for a quote!

Our Tax Preparation

We provide the following services for you if you are looking for the following services.


If you are worried about your tax issues, and need help with filing tax returns then contact us to solve your tax issues.  We are the trusted source of income tax Preparation.

Key traits of the experienced professional team.

Before you hire a tax advisor to do your Taxes, it is necessary to know what the perfect professional looks like.

We provide tax services to our clients; our experienced professionals can advise you on how to maximize your refunds.

There are some key traits you can find in our professional tax experts, including that they:

Specialized in all types of taxes:

Just because anyone has the title of “accountant” or tax preparer does not mean that they are the right person to file your Taxes. One simple question you should ask to weed out inexperienced preparers is: “Can you file my corporate return?” The moment they balk… in any manner… It is time to find someone better. You want an experienced preparer who can file any type of return.

Some tax matters are highly complex and continuously changing in financial years. We will ensure that your accountant specializes in professionalism and provides you with expert advice to solve your tax issues.

Show an interest in your business:

Our tax professional will show genuine understanding and interest in your business. Our team will ask the questions, put it into your financials. They will understand your business, so they can do their job and make a more straightforward process.

Have experience in Small Business Taxes 

Our tax experts specialize in small and medium business taxes and will bring a higher understanding and expertise. Our tax advice will help you submit your taxes in a more accessible and less stressful experience.

Have a high level of communication skills:

Our tax experts are not only good in numbers, but they are also excellent in communication skills.  They should foster open communication, keep up to date with what’s going on and make themselves available to answer your questions. Our tax professionals work closely with clients in tax season. Our accountants mesh with you, and you can avail a bonus with your tax advisor.

Why are we the best choice?

We have experienced tax professionals that will provide you with advisory and consultancy services related to your tax Return. They will ensure that you pay the smallest amount to the IRS by using your deduction and credits most efficiently.

Fees: We will complete your taxes and E-file your Returns at a very reasonable cost of $110. Also, we will file your State and City Return for Free.

We keep up to date with changing tax legislation and will explain your tax legislation complications to you. We will explain your tax disputes in simple terms that you will understand easily.

There are two significant types of tax advice:

  • Corporate tax advice: Incorporate tax advice; we work for business clients and ensure that they are not paying more tax than is compulsory.
  • Personal tax advice: We advise individual clients; some clients have the most significant assets.

The work is complex and detailed, and we quickly developed expert knowledge in the following areas:

Many reasons ensure that we the best choice. We will discuss some of the following reasons.

Business Tax issues are more complex than personal tax:

While your taxes are simple, but business taxes are more complex. Typically, direct business Taxes can be significantly complicated than personal tax. Our tax accountants have experienced navigating complex business Taxes, and you did not need to worry about the complexity of your taxes.

Highly demanded Tax Specialists:

Our tax experts are highly qualified and will provide you with expert advice. We have the legal professional tax status to file your tax returns. Our team not only files your tax returns, but they will also work to your satisfaction. The Best tax place is right here!

Our professional tax experts are highly trusted confidantes to our respective clients. We trust you with the most confidential personal and financial information. You will be able to do the dreaded work of tax preparation. With your tax advice, you will also establish a personal relationship with an experienced professional team.

We hope this article will help you understand how to find the Best Tax Preparation Services.

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