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Income Tax Filing Services Near Me

Income Tax Filing services by Tax Pros in Akron Ohio

Come & get your Income Tax filing services filed correctly with Akron Income Tax Co. 

File your taxes with the help of our sharp, professional knowledge of Income tax filing services for U.S. citizens and green card holders. We are open to offering bookkeeping, tax filing, tax preparations and tax consultation services from experienced Tax professionals in Ohio. 

Income Tax Filing Service
Income Tax Filing Service

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Tax Filing Services with Built-in Reassurance

We understand the tax preparation process is daunting. Therefore, our tax preparers ensure that all the necessary paperwork is done correctly to avoid any unnecessary headaches.

That’s why it’s important to work with someone you can trust — someone who understands not just the ins and outs of tax preparation but also knows what kind of deductions and allowances are available.

That’s where Akron Income Co.’s Tax Professionals come in. Our experienced tax professionals will take the time to understand your unique financial situation so they can provide personalized advice based on your individual needs. We’ll ensure we use any applicable deductions or exemptions available, so you only pay what is necessary.

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Akron Income Tax Co. excels in Income Tax Filing Services with 100% Accuracy Guaranteed.

At Akron Income Tax Co., we don’t just provide IRS tax preparation — our tax advisors strive to make the entire process easier and more convenient for our clients. Our Tax professionals deliver accurate results with zero errors. We ensure you can rest easy knowing that your taxes are covered. 

For every small business or individual looking for reliable tax filing services, there is no one better than Akron Income Tax Co. Don’t worry about fees, our taxpayers deserve the best support for their federal preparation at just $120 for most returns. Our staff has extensive expertise and experience in Tax services. Customers deserve to have their simple questions answered about getting their taxes prepared. We are the firm you need to file taxes, allowing them to stay up-to-date on all the latest changes in tax law so that you never miss out on any deductions or exemptions. This means you can maximize the savings from your taxes each year when you file. 

With our 100% accuracy guarantee, you can relax knowing that even the most complex tax return services provided by us will be finished precisely and without a single mistake. We understand how preparing taxes correctly can be necessary for individuals and businesses. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing top-notch service every time.

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner needing professional tax filing and tax planning services, trust Akron Income Tax Co. We’re here to ensure that everything gets taken care of accurately and efficiently so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business and having financial peace of mind.

Tax Service
Tax Service

Documents Required for Tax Filing Services in Akron

Let’s start with a basic Tax preparation guide for U.S citizens or green card holders. To start your tax preparation in Akron, we require certain documents before submission.

Here is a list of the documents to initiate tax preparation.

  • Proof of identification includes a Valid Driver’s License Or State Id Card.
  • Social Security information – This will include your social security number and the numbers of any dependents listed on your return.
  • Federal income tax returns from each employer should include any W-2 and 1099 forms you have received from employers.
  • Records of deductible expenses – To prove the number of deductions you claim on your taxes, we need Invoices and other records.
  • Bank statements and investment records – These should include all bank and investment accounts you have, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • Rental property information – If you own rental property, you should provide proof of the property’s income, such as rent receipts or leases.
  • Property tax information includes documents related to property taxes paid during the year. To ensure accurate filing and maximize your deductions, we need these documents.

Feasible & Custom Designed tax preparation options

The tax advisors can assist you with the service you need for federal taxes. Small business accounting required additional accounting support. Our Firm can support you with your preparation service.

100% Secure Remote Tax Filing Services for You

Too Busy for Filing? 

Say goodbye to complicated Federal Tax forms – “File at Home Service” makes filing your taxes a breeze from the comfort of your home! The IRS allows customers to file tax services efficiently by using remote methods. Spend less time worrying about when you can find time to file and just use our remote preparation service.

Our convenient remote online income tax filing service lets you quickly and easily file your taxes. After you review your return, we file your federal and state tax returns.

Don’t worry if you have “Rentals” or “Businesses” – Our [email protected] Service can accommodate those filings now. Instead, please take advantage of our easy-to-use remote online income tax filing system and complete those taxes quickly!

Tax Service
Tax Service

Drop-Off Tax Filling Services for Busy Clients

Just Swing by the office & drop off your Tax Documents at the front desk. Tax preparation need not be hard. We support several different methods to complete your tax services. 

Are you still wondering, How does Akron Income Tax Co.’s Drop-Off Income Tax Filing Services work?

  • Gather Your Documents: Before using our drop-off tax filing service. You’ll need all necessary documents, such as W2s, 1099s, and other forms related to your income and deductions.
  • Prepare Your Tax Return: Our tax pros will help you prepare your IRS tax return by gathering all the necessary information from you and entering it into our system to file. This includes things like income sources, deductions, credits, etc.
  • Review and Sign: After Akron’s Tax Pros has prepared your return. They will review it with you to ensure everything is correct before signing off. Adding your bank account information can provide the IRS with the information necessary to directly deposit your money into your online account.
  • Submit Your Return: Once everything is final and signed off on, Fill and submit your taxpayer form Here.

Start Your Tax Filing with Akron Income Co. Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know if I’m required to file a state income tax return in Ohio?

In general, you must file a state income tax return if you were a resident of Ohio for the entire year or a non-resident but earned income in the state. Additionally, if you had state tax withheld from your paychecks or if you made estimated tax payments, you may also need to file a tax return to receive a refund. Certain income thresholds determine whether you are required to file a tax return. You can visit the Ohio Department of Taxation’s website for more detailed information.

When is the deadline for filing state income taxes in Ohio?

The deadline for filing state income taxes is usually April 15th, the same as the federal tax deadline. However, due to the 15th being a weekend, you can file your tax returns on the Monday after the 15th.

What forms do I need to file my state income taxes in Ohio?

The forms you need to file your state income tax return depending on your tax situation. The Department of Taxation provides a list of forms on its website, which includes forms for residents, non-residents, corporations, and part-year residents, as well as forms for specific tax situations like deductions, credits, and more.

What are the tax rates in Ohio?

The tax rates are progressive, which means that the tax rate increases as income increases. For the tax year 2023, the tax rates range from 0% to 4.797%, depending on income level.

Does Ohio offer any special credits or deductions?

Yes, Ohio offers a variety of tax credits and deductions. Some of the most common credits include the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child and Dependent Care Credit, and the College Opportunity Credit. Some of the most common deductions include the income tax deduction, the standard deduction, and the deduction for federal income tax paid.

Can I get expert help with filing my state income taxes?

Tax experts help you using several resources available to file your state income tax return. The Department of Taxation offers free tax filing software for eligible taxpayers, and many commercial tax preparation services can assist you with fees. Additionally, you can seek assistance from a tax professional, such as a certified public accountant (CPA) or an enrolled agent (EA).

Do you have an option for e-file?

For our customer’s convenience, we have an e-file option to have your taxes filed electronically.