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Stress Free Income Tax

Stress Free Tax Preparation

Providing Stress Free Tax Preparation is our goal. Akron Income Tax Co provides clients with an easy way to report basic information. We are easy to work with. First, for those who wish to just drop off their Tax Return information, we have an easy one page ” Drop Off form” for basic taxpayer information. Next for clients that have a Businesses or Rentals we have “Business Info Form” and a “Rental Info Form“. Since we strive to keep your IRS Federal Return Preparation cost for Taxes in the reasonable zone completing these forms before your appointment saves time and saves you money.

We Make it Easy

The truth of the matter is that you need not to be stressed out in computing IRS Federal Taxes. In early January, our clients start getting various documents in the mail for Taxes. Just gather the doc’s up and bring them in to us. We will make preparing your Taxes as stress free as we can.

First, our general Drop Off form provides all the important information that we need to fill any type of income tax Returns.

Next, for clients that own rental property we provide a Rental Info form for their Taxes.

Finally, for clients with a small business we have a Business Info form for their Taxes.

Using these forms not only makes it easier to complete Taxes but it also saves time. Everyone knows time is money!

Trust the Tax Professionals

Turn to the professionals to provide Stress Free Federal Income Tax Preparation. Trust us to complete your Taxes in the most effective manner to allow you to get the best refund (or lowest amount that you may owe) allowed by law. It’s our job to know the IRS laws and to process your Returns based on all of the information that you have.