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Easy Online Tax Filing

Easy Online Tax Filing

Online Remote Tax Filing

We make Online Tax Filing easy to do. After you complete the “Taxpayer Information Form“, you will receive an instant copy via email and then after we review your information (during normal business hours) will send you a second email to our secure portal so you can upload your documents securely.  If you have questions on how to use the portal, you can visit Verifyle YouTube channel.

Please use this Secure Portal to transfer your Tax Documents to us. If you have any questions considering your Income Taxes, feel free to call us. 330-733-1040

1095 Insurance Form
Driver’s License
Social Security

Attach them to your email either on your computer
On your phone
Then upload them to our Verifyle Portal

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Easy File@Home Instructions

Next, just take pictures of your Tax forms:

Any other Tax forms that you received

If you have any questions
Please contact us at 330-733-1040