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Income Tax Return Preparation

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Income Tax Preparation

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Whether you are preparing your individual personal income tax returns or if you are a small business, completing the tax return yourself can be a serious burden and put you at risk for missed deductions and tax credits. We offer personal individual tax returns preparation (1040s), corporate tax returns (1120s), partnership returns (1065s) and LLC’s income tax preparation.

We have experienced tax professionals on staff committed to reducing your overall tax liability and maximizing your legal tax deductions. Even the most popular tax software on the market can’t compare to having an experienced tax professional completing your income tax return.  With the ever-changing tax laws, working with a professional ensures that you’re maximizing your tax refund and minimizing taxes paid..

What do you get with our income tax preparation services?

  • An experienced tax professional to prepare your tax return
  • Review of previous tax returns
  • Electronic filing (E-file) of your return
  • Free State and City return completed (w/Federal return)
  • Recommendations on how to reduce your tax liabilities
  • Performance Guarantee 

Put your mind at ease when it comes to your income tax return preparation and trust the experts at Akron Income Tax Co.. Whether it’s a simple tax return or you want to develop a proactive tax strategy to help you minimize your tax liability, our experienced accountants can provide you with the timely service you are looking for.  In fact, we are the trusted choice of individuals and businesses throughout the Greater Akron, OH area. We will be happy to put our income tax preparation expertise to work for you!

In order to make the income tax return  preparation process as simple and pain-free as possible, we offer our clients the choice of dropping their taxes off or making an appointment with one of our experienced tax preparers. While it may be more convenient to drop off your tax documents, we encourage those with rental properties or businesses to make an appointment. This allows us to complete tax returns in the most efficient and timely manner possible. We also request that you fill out a business or rental worksheet before your appointment.

Income Tax Return Preparation Pricing

Unlike the big box retail tax offices that charge you an arm and a leg.  At Akron Income Tax Co., our pricing structure is based on your return. Short forms, long forms, married filing jointly and married filing separately are fixed in price. Call us for a quick quote! Income Tax Return

Tax returns that have stock sales, rentals and/or businesses returns pay a little extra based on the number of activities and our time involved in completing your tax return. We are more than willing to quote you a fee over the phone for your income tax preparation, or when you drop off your taxes or come for your appointment.

Maximum Legal Refund

Whether it’s personal or business income tax preparation, our top priority is to maximize your tax refund. The second priority is to ensure that your tax return adheres to all legal requirements, and doesn’t get you audited. We have all heard the TV and radio ads — claiming that you can pay just 10% or less no matter what your income. Well, that doesn’t happen without being ultra aggressive and having to fight with the IRS about every deduction that is over the “reasonable” threshold. If you are looking for honest income tax preparation in the Akron, OH area that allows you to pay the lowest legal tax, we are your firm. If you are looking to beat the system and fudge your tax return — we’re not for you. We know, you know and THEY know when you are trying to bend the rules. Income Tax Return

When it comes to the IRS, we believe that knowledge of the current rules provides the best opportunity to lower your income taxes and produce higher refunds. We continually educate ourselves in the area of tax law and strategy. Furthermore, we also keep up with the IRS operating manuals, flagging systems, as well as other audit selection processes. We do this to reduce your risk and exposure to time-consuming audits, while ensuring you get all the deductions for which you are eligible.

Contact Akron Income Tax Co. today, and see for yourself why we are the trusted choice in Akron, OH for income tax preparation and tax return planning services. We look forward to assisting you!

Akron Income Tax Return Preparation

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